On Happiness

And I said, "Speak to us of Happiness, O Wise One Within, for it has eluded me today."

And I answered:

Happiness is not a fleeting pleasure to be pursued, but rather an inner state born of purpose and action. It comes to those whose deeds outweigh their thoughts, whose accomplishments eclipse their intentions.

Look upon the rich man who basks in material splendor. He says, "I can have whatever I desire with but a thought." Yet his treasures provide no succor, for his indolent mind remains barren of the fruit only labor can yield.

Contrast him with one of humble means who says, "Though I have little, I will use it to its utmost." Through ceaseless toil, their efforts bear the sweetest nourishment gratitude and fulfillment can provide.

And is it not those who believe their capabilities finite who wring from circumstance its ultimate potential? While those who consider their powers limitless remain shackled to inaction, their possibilities squandered on fantasy alone?

Know your boundaries and work within their borders, I say to you. Let not dreams of boundless horizons obscure your clear path ahead. For it is only when you have climbed to the summit of your mortal reach that the horizon's true expanse reveals itself anew.

In stillness the mind conceives all manner of vain ambitions. But it is through action - vigorous, unrestrained, and true - that the soul blossoms with the radiant light of purpose. The plow breaks the fallow soil so fertile seeds might take root. So too must you cultivate your passions through tireless exertion.

Judge not your worth by lofty thoughts and fanciful desires. But by the deeds you have assembled as a monument to the possibilities within your grasp. For in the harvest of effort lies the ultimate recompense - a life resplendent in its glorious achievements. 

Note: this was written with the aid of Claude.ai.