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Permanent Solutions

Permanently fixing something involves putting the pain next to the person with power. Fixing it ourselves will only solve the problem temporarily until it recurs again, especially if we're not the one with the power to fix it permanently. Pain is a useful, persistent reminder that a problem needs to be solved. Think about the last time we touched something hot; the action is immediate, and we don't touch that same hot thing again. Put that hot thing next to the person in control, don't fix it for him, and we'll see the problem permanently fixed. Note: this was proofread by ChatGPT 3.5. 

Beyond Consensus: The Individual Odyssey of Solitude Convictions

In the intricate dance of ethical decision-making, there emerges a profound quandary: the divergence between personal values and the perceptions of those around us. The journey into the depths of one's moral compass unveils a relentless commitment to what is deemed right, even when the world may cast doubt upon the chosen path. Amidst the complexities of navigating ethical dilemmas, the contemplation of whether personal values retain their significance when unobserved by others becomes a pivotal point of reflection. The hypothetical scenario akin to the trolley problem surfaces, questioning the essence of our convictions in the absence of external validation. The inquiry extends beyond the mere act of adherence to virtues, delving into the very nature of our commitment when the world remains oblivious to our ethical choices. For the stalwart guardian of personal values, the response resounds with unwavering clarity. The significance of ethical principles does not waver in the shado

Reflections on a Birthday in Constrast

As the calendar marks the arrival of my birthday, it ushers in a time of introspection, not merely a celebration of age, but a deeper contemplation of the paths we choose in life. Today, I share this personal milestone with a former colleague, an event that subtly illuminates our divergent journeys in the social landscape. My colleague, a natural at social engagement, radiates a warmth and charisma that draws people to him. His birthday is a highlight within our shared circles, greeted with enthusiasm and collective cheer. In his presence, people find a joyous escape, a reason to celebrate. In contrast, I tread a quieter path. My introverted nature finds solace in depth and meaning rather than in the breadth of social interactions. I navigate social spaces with a different compass, seeking purpose and connection in fewer, more significant interactions. The stark difference in how our mutual friends remember and celebrate our birthdays is not a source of bitterness, but rather a moment