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I Don't Know What I Don't Know

  Recently, I've been dealing with a lot of people problems at an operational level. Any crisis, mistake or simple process inefficiency can be attributed to a lack of communication between individuals and teams.  I've begun to run quick 5-minute activities to facilitate communications between people and teams. I call it a conversation about "I-Don't-Know-What-I-Don't-Know". The objective here is to make each party realise that they each have a piece of information that others may need but don't know about. In turn, others have information they need that they simply have to ask for in order to obtain.  Here are the steps: Gather two to five parties (parties can be either individuals or teams).  Start by asking one party to declare what they know they know about.  For example: Sales team declares that last month Customer A ordered RM 10k worth of Product A. Then ask them to declare what they know they don't know about.  For example: If Customer A continu