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The more stressed I am, the more problems I avoid and the fewer problems I solve. It is not true that the more problems I have, the more stressed I am. I am stressed only when I linger too long on a single problem. Solve it. Get out of stressful states ASAP to remain productive.


I realised why some don't like talking to me. I destroy people's confidence more than I bring them up. I challenge ideas and make them doubt their initial thoughts. I go deep, and often people aren't comfortable with that.  I need to insert a step before that to gauge the readiness of that experience.  If they are casual and the relationship is short term, I should make them feel good. I should not introduce a thought provoking experience.  If they need confidence, I should reassure them to a certain level.  Only if they are overconfident, do I anchor them down to reality.  My impact matters.