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My (Delayed) Wedding Ceremony

 Of all my Personal Stories on this site, this should be the most important one that I have to write about - at least up till now.  Last week was my wedding ceremony. I was married to Janine in early 2020 already, so the feeling of getting married wasn't there. I thought of it as more of a performance for my immediate family and Janine's family and friends.  It was a practical task for me (I am very conscious of the difference in excitement between Janine and me). We wanted something meaningful, memorable and most of all, manageable. We were remotely coordinating this from Malaysia with various parties in the Philippines, so we couldn't afford to be too micromanaging or particular with some of the details. Janine had friends and family helping us on the other side, and the rest we had to leave it up to the experts.  I'm not sure what I was expecting. The day went by quietly for me. I know Janine was extremely engaged, with so many people talking to her, telling her thin