My (Delayed) Wedding Ceremony

 Of all my Personal Stories on this site, this should be the most important one that I have to write about - at least up till now. 

Last week was my wedding ceremony. I was married to Janine in early 2020 already, so the feeling of getting married wasn't there. I thought of it as more of a performance for my immediate family and Janine's family and friends. 

It was a practical task for me (I am very conscious of the difference in excitement between Janine and me). We wanted something meaningful, memorable and most of all, manageable. We were remotely coordinating this from Malaysia with various parties in the Philippines, so we couldn't afford to be too micromanaging or particular with some of the details. Janine had friends and family helping us on the other side, and the rest we had to leave it up to the experts. 

I'm not sure what I was expecting. The day went by quietly for me. I know Janine was extremely engaged, with so many people talking to her, telling her things, making her up, etc. I wanted to help, but I realised the best help I could give was to get out of their way. For the most part, I was in my room just taking a rest, reading or meditating. 

Where I could, I spent time with my family, making sure that they were comfortable and reminiscing about some good ol' times. My nephews had a great time at the villa with a pool, and I'm glad they had fun. I would feel quite bad if the kids had nothing to do the whole time. 

The photography and video shooting session were quite tiring but worth it. Here's the result of that:

I am very impressed with their professionalism and standard, and that photography and video shooting session was one of the wedding highlights. The other highlight was when we said our marriage vows. I don't have a written copy of Janine's (yet), but here's mine:
I met you when I was a consultant, in which confidence has always been a struggle. Did I have too much of it? Or too little?
You taught me that there's wisdom in humility.
You gave me the strength I need to stand up for what I believe.
Even against a thousand that think I'm wrong, all I have to do is hear you say I'm right, and I'll go against that thousand. 
Similarly, even if a thousand think that I'm right, all I have to do is hear you say I'm wrong, and I'll back down away from that thousand.
Ikaw ang nagpapalakas sa akin mahal ko.
For that I promise, I will always listen.

I met you when I was headstrong, arrogant and pushy. I had a pride that carried me through my career, but that same pride made me loud and rough.
I was unkind to my parents and did not have the strength to pull my family together.
You taught me that there's strength only through gentleness, and that gentleness comes through happiness.
Since then, my family have gotten much closer together.
Ikaw ang nagpapasaya sa akin mahal ko.
For that I promise, I will always be gentle.

I met you when I did not understand love. I sought high and low for the meaning of love. I've asked many people what love is - confusing and contradicting were their answers.
You taught me what love is - not by giving me answers, but by showing me how you love me.
I do not need to look further than a smile from you every morning now.

Every day of your love is enough for my life.
Mahal na mahal x10 kita mahal ko, higit pa sa dati.
For that, I promise, more than anything else in the world, I will always love you, forevermore. 

All in all, this is our first trip out of Malaysia since the lockdowns, so it was pretty exciting but tiring. I'm really glad I only need to do this once.