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Are Emotions Forbidden in Business?

 My dad often says we should leave emotions out of business. Anger, sadness and fear often lead us into poor choices in life and we often regret but only too late. But what if we're able to sense these incoming emotions, can we put them to good use instead?  As a meditator, I've become better and better at recognising my own emotions. At the very least, I know when I am happy or sad about a situation. Acknowledgement is a good first step, and the next step is to express it as productively as possible. We may have witnessed or participated in many unproductive forms of expression. For example, we sometimes raise our voices or slam doors or tables. Sometimes it can be something more subtle, like rolling our eyes or sighing loudly. These will often lead to a chain reaction around the people you're with and cascade these negative emotions throughout your organisation like a dominos effect.  Instead, we should try first expressing our emotions verbally. Literally tell people aro

Sustainable Business or Perpetual Busyness?

 As a kid at school, I'm always looking for shortcuts to my homework. The epitome of my achievement was when I was Form 2, we were given mundane homework on literally copying literature from books into our workbook. Teachers always give an excuse of, "you'll remember better if you write it down."  Well, I never really found out if that worked for me because as soon as I realised that the teacher wasn't reading what she marked. I was copying every other word from the book, effectively cutting down my time doing it by half, but still getting good marks for my homework.  Throughout my career, I am still always asking myself. What's the purpose here? What's the best way to achieve that purpose? How might we do it efficiently? I see some people in perpetual busyness blindly following instructions to do their work without asking these questions. Why?  Maybe they've been beaten into obedience throughout their life. The topic of our education system comes into